The Village Witch’ September Sub Box

Yes, yes, I know it’s October already. But I am still sharing this one before I receive and share with you all the goodies of that from October.

Why so late?, you ask me. Well, to start with, the posties were late (I live in a different country from The Village Witch and it can be tricky).

Then my 40th birthday happened. (Happy birthday to me! Yey! 🎂🥂)

Then life happened, along with work (which reminds me I have some hexing to do…). And then university also happened. As you can imagine, a shitload of insanity fell on my lap and I am finally making sense of it all.

But now enough about my insane life and onto much better and yummy things such as this delicious sub box!

September’ Sub Box is all about Gratitude & Abundance. Which I am: I am very grateful that The Village Witch created the Hocus Pocus Hampers that we all, lovingly, nicknamed sub boxes. ❤️

What goodies did this sub box bring?

  • Handmade & blessed Make Way For Good salt (for cleansing and making way for positive vibes in our lives)
  • Handmade & blessed Reap Your Rewards aura spray (to bring positive abundance into our lives)
  • Handmade & blessed Harvest Home powder (for being thankful for what we have and harvest the good from our lives and keep it within our hearts)
  • Handmade & blessed Gratitude oil (which we can use to give thanks)
  • Handmade & blessed Keep Your Cupboards Full incense (to boost our abundance)
  • Handmade & blessed Harvest Home floor wash (same purpose as the Harvest Home powder)
  • A Make It Yourself Gratitude Tree Slice Hanger kit (with instructions for it in the kit itself)
  • A gorgeous Crystal Bookmark for our favourite books, the best Thank You gift I ever received from a shop ever!
  • A Yellow candle (its meaning is thankfulness and happiness)
  • TVW’s badge of the month (I love them so much!!!)
  • And a Treat Bag that has come and gone. 😋

Have you subscribed yet to TVW’ Sub Boxes or seen their Samhain Special Offer?

Screenshot 20191012 190225 1024x828 - The Village Witch' September Sub Box
Here’s TVW’ Samhain Special Offer

The Village Witch August Sub Box

This week my TVW August Hocus Pocus Hamper, AKA August Sub Box, arrived and it was one of the highlights of my week. This month’s theme is “Crossing & Go Away” which was definitely what I needed, to be fair.

Whenever I get this monthly surprise box of witchy goodies I go on “kid on Christmas morning” mode, huge grin, hyped and all. As anyone should be. After all, The Village Witch makes a point of sending top quality products for their clients, in amounts that clearly surpass the quantities we pay for.

“And what did August Sub Box bring?’, you might ask. Let me show you!

  • Handmade & blessed Get the Fuck Out Salt, to cleanse and remove negative energies (people and situations included)
  • Handmade & blessed Power Within Aura Spray, to boost our power within to deal with negativity
  • Handmade & blessed Bitch Be Gone Powder, to remove all bitchiness from our lives
  • Handmade & blessed Crossing Oil, to cross someone and send back whatever they send us
  • Handmade & blessed I Can, You Can’t Incense, to boost our own natural, personal power
  • Handmade & blessed Shut Up Floor Wash, which we can use to help stop gossip and lies
  • Handmade & blessed Back Off Ink, to make someone/something/a situation stay away from us (which we can use to decorate the easel of the next item on this list)
  • Mini Chalkboard Daily Spell Kit, with instructions as part of the kit
  • Handmade & blessed Pop-A-Spell Bubbles — I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this item. This “you’ve seen it on TVW first” spell is the cute purple flask in the photo. It brought me back treasured childhood memories and laced them with much needed magic. It also contains instructions on how to use it.
  • Black candle, for cleansing and bringing peace
  • TVW’s uber cute badge of the month. I love these and I am collecting them.
  • The ever delicious treat bag, with tea bags, candy and a snack.

Make sure to not confuse the treats with the witchy products. I know they all smell so yummy, but only the treat bag is edible.

Also, just so you know, September’s theme will be “Gratitude”, because there is always something in our lives we should be thankful for. And you will definitely want your October one. Just saying. 😉

Remember you can subscribe to these wonderful witchy treasure boxes until before the 8th of each month.

Go ahead! I double dare you! Then come and gush about your sub box with me. 🙃


The Village Witch’s March Hocus Pocus Sub Box

As promised, I am writing a review on The Village Witch‘s March Hocus Pocus Sub Box.

Let me start by saying I am absolutely in love with it!
March’s theme goes along nicely with Spring Cleaning – Banishment.

For those more on the Wicca side, you can use the products in this box to banish negative energies. 😉

It contains so many top quality products and even freebies!

The products are lovely and smell wonderfully. To the point I need to remind myself they are not edible, I cannot brew tea with those or wear them as perfume.

Also, all products are handmade (except, so far, for the yummies they send).

To start with, I got more product quantity than the price I paid for them. The vials and flasks all come full up to the top with product, which is clearly more than they advertise in the shop. And let me add that this doesn’t happen just for the sub boxes but for any order. This means that, after one spell, you still have plenty of product to use on other spells.

The Banishing Oil is lovely! You can tell it is the real thing.
In fact, TVW’s oils (yes, I have several) aren’t made just with liquid oil with essential oil drops. You actually see the they used real plants in their products as you can actually see them in the oil vials.

I am absolutely in love with the Banish Bad Vibes Aura Spray. Forget all those home sprays. This one is lush and I cannot get enough of it, and the house feels light again.

I loved the Go Away Evil Floor Wash! Trust me, it is hard to follow the instructions on TVW’s website, the scent is so wonderful!

The Banishing Loose Incense and the Negative Energy Cleansing Salt are beautiful and smell wonderfully. And not suitable for tea, please keep that in mind.

There’s also a Banish a Negative Person spellvelope. Choices, choices…
Seriously, don’t take that lightly. I am not a love & light Witch, but I have a conscience and I don’t cast this sort of spells lightly and neither should you. All that you do comes with a consequence, even if that consequence is overwhelming guilt for harming someone when you could have taken things in a different direction, or for doing something rash.

The Banish Evil ink has a beautiful shade of grey/black colour (depending on how you use it). No photos at this time as I don’t have a proper pen for it…yet. 😉

There is also a small black candle that you can use in your spell.

This sub box brought the cutest small wooden chest that you can either use for banish people into it or hide a treasure (a tiny one).

And can you believe it came with a Witchy Badge?!? I loved it! It’s currently on my backpack. 😀

Although the March’s sub box does not come with a spell, it contains an A4 size sheet with ideas/hints/general instructions (if you will) on how to create your own spell, whatever path you’re on (Wiccan path included).
Lets face it, your spell will be much more powerful if you write it yourself, as it will have more of your own energy infused in it.

And this is, after all, The Village Witch’s purpose with their Monthly Hocus Pocus Hampers: to empower you, to help you connect with and develop further your own personal power for you to use in your Witchcraft.

p1020744 1 - The Village Witch's March Hocus Pocus Sub Box
March’s Hocus Pocus box and contents

Being a Witch

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Witches are evil stepmothers such as Snow White’s. Or perhaps the victims of the “Holy” Inquisition. Or even Wicca followers.

I am neither, though.

For starters, I am real.

I am also still alive (which is kind of nice — I even get to write on my blog).

Other than that, I am a Traditional Witch. I don’t worship the Goddess and the God and I don’t abide by the Wiccan Rede.

I don’t wait for specific Moon phases to do spell work (although I love the Moon).

I don’t use athames nor other similar tools, and I don’t cast circles. I do have a Grimoire — does that count? 😉

I am far from being all love and light and I definitely don’t do ‘blessed be’s.

As I see it, everything you do affects others. For each action there is a reaction, a result that, no matter how much love and light is involved, will always affect someone.

Think protection. When you protect someone you care from someone working to hurt them, even if you are a Wiccan you are probably aware it will affect negatively the person wanting to hurt the person you care about.

If someone hurts someone I care about or incites another to hurt that person, be it physically, emotionally or financially, you can bet I will protect the person I care about. If that means I will have to bind, banish or hex the person wanting to hurt the ones I care about, so be it. I am more than prepared to handle consequences and I won’t even bat an eye.

Currently I have been far more active witchcraft wise for several reasons:

  • People I care about need my help (be it help with protection, financial boost, professional boost, motivation/focus boost, self-esteem/confidence boost, healing or whichever other reason)
  • I want to learn more (there’s always something more to learn) and improve my skills as a Witch
  • People want to learn and I believe in sharing knowledge.

Improve business/more paying clients
Improve business/more paying clients

If you are expecting all love and light from me, you will not find it.

But I don’t make love spells (unless it’s a self-love/self-esteem spell) and I don’t take hexing lightly. In fact, something very wrong must have occurred for me to take that step.

For example, recently I had a very close friend of mine and her mum being robbed at gun point. The thieving bastard was presented with a hex. He robbed my friend at 9am and was caught at 02:30pm, in Brazil, during Carnival (the whole country stops, according to her). The thieve also got the beating of his life when he was caught. He was not a happy thieve, but I was also not happy with what he did to my friend, so that makes us… somewhat even.

img 20190303 150301 - Being a Witch
“Catch the thieve painfully” spell

I choose balance between light and dark. If I have to give karma a little help, so be it.

This is me. Take me as I am or not at all. Just don’t mess with the Witch or the people the Witch cares about.

See you in my next post, where I will be doing a review of the Hocus Pocus Hamper sub box of March by The Village Witch.