Today I am writing you about Divination.

People of all origins always tried to know the past and take a peak at the future. Lets face it: sometimes, the decision making task is too hard. What path should I take, left or right? Which job should I choose? Should I attack that city or not? Should I trust that person or not?
Not everything is as easy as choosing clothes in the morning and, even then, sometimes that’s tricky.
On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to know what to expect from the day ahead.

From omens and oracles, to tarot decks and oracle cards, from radiesthesia (pendulums) to scrying (crystal balls and black mirrors), Ouija boards (only dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing), to runes, witches runes and ogham, tea leaves and coffee grounds, to cowrie-shell divination, astrology and their birth charts and zodiac signs, numerology, palmistry, you name it, we’ve tried it all.

I have been working, for years, with pendulums, tarot decks and oracle cards, and I even created a Major Arcana deck for a very close friend.

Pendulums are used for both healing (with radionic tables) and divination. Regarding divination, they are used for Yes/No questions.
There are several types of pendulums – I have a collection of them. You can find pendulums entirely made of metal (I use a golden one for healing work, with my radionic table, as I felt it’s what works best for me), metal and stone (I have several: amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, unakite, and selenite), and one of cord and wood (best for connecting with the Fair Folk – they are not to be messed with unless you know what you are doing. For further learning about the Good Neighbours, I suggest reading Morgan Daimler’s blogs, Living Liminally and Agora on Patheos, along with her books on the subject).
If you don’t have one, no worries. A piece of cord and a stone or a necklace and a ring and Bob’s your uncle! You’ve got yourself an improvised pendulum.

Tarot Decks and Oracle Cards
Although Tarot decks were created around mid-15th century as a card game, it soon became a divination tool.
Usually, decks are composed of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana ones, although some are composed only of the major arcana.
Tarot cards are more structured (the major and minor arcana) and have more rules than oracle cards.
Oracle cards differ from set to set and are, therefore, read in a more free flowing way (what applies to one oracle card set might not apply to a different oracle card set), if you will, even if you can use the same reading spreads for both tarot and oracle cards. And, yes, there are countless of those.
You can also find tarot and oracle apps (at least on Google Play). Yes, they work very well.

Nonetheless, not everyone requires these tools for divination. Keep in mind that these are mere facilitators for you to focus on. The skill for divination, just as for spell casting, is within you. You just need yourself and your energy/intent.

Divination 1024x575 - Divination
My divination tools

Witchy Tips: Bay leaves

I will be sharing some witchy tips every now and then. The first one concern bay leaves.

Most of us have bay leaves in the kitchen cupboard. I’ve always loved bay leaves, long before actually assuming to myself that I am a witch. The scent, the texture, the taste.

But what if I told you that is also my go-to herb for spells when I need to cast a spell that does not take me long?

Bay leaves can be used for several purposes.
According to The Village Witch, you can use them for “protection, psychic power, divination, success, money and wish magic”.
According to Scott Cunningham, in Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, you can use bay for protection and purification, prophetic dreams, clairvoyance and wisdom, to ward off negativity and evil, protection against lightning, to remove curses and evil spells, for love spells (to ensure a love will stay), for strength, for wishes and to ward off bad luck.

So, what do I do for a quick spell? I write my petition (usually one or two words on in sigil form) on the bay leaf (or bay leaves) and I burn them while focusing on my spell.

For example, imagine that you want prosperity: write prosperity in your bay leaf, focus on it happening, set the leaf on fire and see it burn.
Don’t do it in the middle of a forest, obviously. The point is not to set a forest or a tree on fire – just a tiny bay leaf. 😉

Please, always engage brain and keep your spellwork safe for you and the world around you.

Bay leaves spells 768x1024 - Witchy Tips: Bay leaves
Bay leaves. Photo taken by yours truly.

How does it work when travelling?

Yeah… So I am spending the weekend away with my Parents, my Sister and my Grandma.

Yes, they are Catholic.
Yes, they already know I’m weird. My Mom and Sister more than anyone else. At least, if they pay any attention to my Facebook and, lets face it, to myself.

I might not dress with long flowy black skirts (not on a daily basis, anyways, as I am really a jeans and shirt kind of person; black, preferently, whenever I can, as it’s my favourite colour), but my accessories kind of give it away (I can’t go without my black tourmaline necklace, nor my amethyst, my pentagram or my tree of life and leaves earrings (yes, all made by yours truly).

I don’t exactly flaunt my beliefs, but I’ve been out of the broom closet for quite a while now.

So, what is a Pagan to do when she goes away for the weekend and she is not willing to slack on her beloved path?
You probably guessed it already: she gets herself a portable altar.

There are a few things I am taking with me: my usual tarot deck, my crystal ball (don’t laught; I know it’s a cliché, but I wanted one), and my pendulum.

I am taking my Gods and Goddess with me, so I chose a black tourmaline stone for The Morrígan, a green aventurine for Cernunnos, and a citrine quartz for Andevellicos.

I need a box and I have been flirting with a wooden one at a New Age shop. I just need to know if my deck fits there.

I also want to acquire sandal incense in cones for air (this one, however, might be tricky, so I might get a sandal spray instead).
I have a lighter (fire), and there are plenty of rocks/stones (earth) where I am going.
For water… I am still considering a tea light candle emptied container with water.

I still feel that I need some black feathers (raven/crow), but it’ll happen when the time comes.

And I am taking two notebooks: one that I kind of use as a witchy/pagan journal and book of shadows, and one I’ve been using for the OBOD course.

I will let you know how my weekend goes, as I will try to be around. 😉

Some of the items I am taking