The wheel has turned once more

The wheel has turned once more
The winds of change are blowing
The tree leaves that whisper “It’s time for a new start”
The old cycle is ending, a new one is beginning
Ground yourself, toughen up
Hold your head up high
The time has come for with the old to part
Again the wheel has turned
Hard times are coming
But you, Seer, already knew
It is time to go back to your path
It won’t be easy, it won’t be pleasant or soft
But it is yours, this path, to find
It is yours, this path, to embrace
Warrior, your time has come to fight
Seer, your time has come to see
Bard, your time has come to sing the stories of old
Healer, it is time to release the light
Druid, it is your time to learn and teach
For the wheel once more has turned
And what was now no longer is
And what was then is now again


My tiny collection (there are actually 2 tarot decks missing along with a Druid Animal Oracle)
My tiny collection (there are actually 2 tarot decks missing along with a Druid Animal Oracle).



Happy Alban Elfed

Happy  Alban Elfed

May this Autumn Equinox bring you peace
May you shed the things you no longer need in your life
May you have plenty in your life, of happiness, love, food and health
May the new cycle ahead be kind to you
And may you find balance in light and darkness.

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Winter Solstice/Yule and Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly.

I see this as a season for letting go of the past, and to looking forward to a new cycle.

A season for introspection, for releasing the old, and embracing the new. If this was a tarot card, it’d be the death card. 😉

A season to be spend with my loved ones, the ones that have been on my side through thick and thin, and love me unconditionally.

I have already said my goodbyes to past cycles I needed to close, I learnt from the experiences I lived, and I am looking forward to new experiences (I would prefer them to be pleasant ones, please).

I spent time with my Family, helped Mom with the preparation of our traditional foods.

I spent time with my Deities and offered them good wine.

Yes, I am a Pagan on the Druidry Path and I celebrate the Winter Solstice (Alban Arthan), the return of the light, the balance between light and dark.

But my Family is Catholic and I see no inconvenience in celebrating this Family season with my own Family.

Before I return to my Family, my Goddesses (yes, almost forgot to tell you! Besides the Great Queen, Epona also chose to be part of my life, and I am delighted to get to know her better) and Gods, I wish you peaceful times. May you always find balance in dark and light. And may this season be an enlightened one.

Detail from my Yule Tree