It’s Autumn: Samhuinn approaches

Yesterday, I went to Sintra. I noticed what my body and spirit have been telling me for a while, despite the Summer heat that we have been experiencing during the day: Autumn is here to stay.

The days are already shorter and the trees’ leaves have been dancing on their way to the ground, wearing beautiful tones of orange, gold and red.

At night, the temperatures have been dropping a lot and you can feel the humidity in the air promising rain soon.

But there is something else in the air that makes this time of the year different. Besides the thinning veil to the Otherworld, Autumn invites you to introspection, to focus on Nature’s visible changes that remind us so much of the advanced stages of the human life cycle, to remember and celebrate our Ancestors – those that came before us and that, despite that they have crossed over to the other side of the veil, they created the basis for our existence, for our path, including our spiritual one.

This season allows us to look back, to assess our path, to assess our choices, and it allows for new possibilities, new potential choices for the new cycle ahead.

This season, for its association with the changing cycles, to the change of states (from the Summer dryness to Autumn’s rains), the celebration of those that crossed over and often with reunion with them in so many different cultures, we could infer that this season celebrates the cycle of change and the cycle of life as a whole, looking at death as part of the life cycle and not as the end of it, a taboo that we should never address.

Autumn has the potential to allow us to face our fears. It is not by chance that the Samnhuinn’s masks (that were a protection against evil entities that came from the Otherworld to take the living with them) were adopted by Halloween. And it is not by chance that, between 1995 and 2015, most horror movies were released in October (see link).

However, besides facing our fears, we should all transform that courage into a motor for change, to change within us and in society what no longer serves us and what no longer serves (or never did) the others that we see as different.

Autumn is a season of changes, the best time to face our fears. So let us change, let us face our fears, but let us do it in a positive manner for all.

Otherwise, we won’t be facing our own fears, but losing our sovereignty to those fears. Otherwise, we will not be promoting true change, but only a deterioration of the situation, comparatively to what it was in the beginning of the cycle that is ending.

Face the fear to question yourselves, your statuses and beliefs. Face the fear of leaving your comfort zone, and start seeing the world through the eyes of the other person, under the light of their life experiences. Face the fear of feeling empathy for all living beings, no matter how different they are from you.

Change, and the world will change with you.


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-07 at 22.33.02
Photo taken in Pena Palace (Sintra, Portugal) by yours truly.

The wheel has turned once more

The wheel has turned once more
The winds of change are blowing
The tree leaves that whisper “It’s time for a new start”
The old cycle is ending, a new one is beginning
Ground yourself, toughen up
Hold your head up high
The time has come for with the old to part
Again the wheel has turned
Hard times are coming
But you, Seer, already knew
It is time to go back to your path
It won’t be easy, it won’t be pleasant or soft
But it is yours, this path, to find
It is yours, this path, to embrace
Warrior, your time has come to fight
Seer, your time has come to see
Bard, your time has come to sing the stories of old
Healer, it is time to release the light
Druid, it is your time to learn and teach
For the wheel once more has turned
And what was now no longer is
And what was then is now again


My tiny collection (there are actually 2 tarot decks missing along with a Druid Animal Oracle)
My tiny collection (there are actually 2 tarot decks missing along with a Druid Animal Oracle).