On the Druid path

As you might already know, I am following the Druid path.

I enrolled for the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) back in 2015 and I went through crazy times (family health issues, as well as professional ones) which caused me to place the course on standby. Things are still rather intense and insane, but I have made my peace with it; after all, there is no rest for the wicked.

Recently I have decided I needed to do this for myself, so I went back to very beginning and started with the Introductory Gwersi. It was the best I could have done, really. It restored some of my peace of mind and that is grand.

Recently I also enrolled in Ár nDraíocht Féin (A Druid Fellowship, ADF), as I feel its teachings complement OBOD’s rather nicely. I am not starting the Dedicant Path just yet, as I wish to start by getting acquainted with the website, all the information in it, the resources, and then I will start the course more actively.

I have also changed my altar. Now only 2 Deities are present, Cernunnos and The Morrígan, with candles (green for Cernunnos and red for The Morrígan). There is also a white candle for focusing.

img 20180122 011205857727425 - On the Druid path
My altar to my Deities

I still need to acquire material. An altar cloth, and I have my eye on a statue for The Morrígan and one for Cernunnos (expensive items so, for now, I will be saving for them).

I also have an altar for my Ancestors (it has some photos from closer family members, candles and plants) but I still want to add more items. One of the items I wish to add, for example, is my genealogical tree, although I don’t know all my lineage from both sides of the family. I foresee it will be a challenging work.

So this is where I am, now. Working on advancing on my path. If all goes according to plan (even if it never happens in such a way), by Alban Arthan 2018 or Imbolc 2019 I will have my Bardic Grade completed.

Wish me strength and perseverance.

Thank you for being there.



And I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Yule arrived a little earlier this year. Yesterday, to be exact.

I decided to go ahead with the OBOD Bardic course, and my packages arrived yesterday.

As you can imagine, I already started studying the materials.

I am so very happy, right now! ^_^

img 20151212 190902 - Finally!!!
My OBOD packages.