It’s Autumn: Samhuinn approaches

Yesterday, I went to Sintra. I noticed what my body and spirit have been telling me for a while, despite the Summer heat that we have been experiencing during the day: Autumn is here to stay.

The days are already shorter and the trees’ leaves have been dancing on their way to the ground, wearing beautiful tones of orange, gold and red.

At night, the temperatures have been dropping a lot and you can feel the humidity in the air promising rain soon.

But there is something else in the air that makes this time of the year different. Besides the thinning veil to the Otherworld, Autumn invites you to introspection, to focus on Nature’s visible changes that remind us so much of the advanced stages of the human life cycle, to remember and celebrate our Ancestors – those that came before us and that, despite that they have crossed over to the other side of the veil, they created the basis for our existence, for our path, including our spiritual one.

This season allows us to look back, to assess our path, to assess our choices, and it allows for new possibilities, new potential choices for the new cycle ahead.

This season, for its association with the changing cycles, to the change of states (from the Summer dryness to Autumn’s rains), the celebration of those that crossed over and often with reunion with them in so many different cultures, we could infer that this season celebrates the cycle of change and the cycle of life as a whole, looking at death as part of the life cycle and not as the end of it, a taboo that we should never address.

Autumn has the potential to allow us to face our fears. It is not by chance that the Samnhuinn’s masks (that were a protection against evil entities that came from the Otherworld to take the living with them) were adopted by Halloween. And it is not by chance that, between 1995 and 2015, most horror movies were released in October (see link).

However, besides facing our fears, we should all transform that courage into a motor for change, to change within us and in society what no longer serves us and what no longer serves (or never did) the others that we see as different.

Autumn is a season of changes, the best time to face our fears. So let us change, let us face our fears, but let us do it in a positive manner for all.

Otherwise, we won’t be facing our own fears, but losing our sovereignty to those fears. Otherwise, we will not be promoting true change, but only a deterioration of the situation, comparatively to what it was in the beginning of the cycle that is ending.

Face the fear to question yourselves, your statuses and beliefs. Face the fear of leaving your comfort zone, and start seeing the world through the eyes of the other person, under the light of their life experiences. Face the fear of feeling empathy for all living beings, no matter how different they are from you.

Change, and the world will change with you.


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-07 at 22.33.02
Photo taken in Pena Palace (Sintra, Portugal) by yours truly.

Happy Alban Elfed

Happy  Alban Elfed

May this Autumn Equinox bring you peace
May you shed the things you no longer need in your life
May you have plenty in your life, of happiness, love, food and health
May the new cycle ahead be kind to you
And may you find balance in light and darkness.

Source: Image taken from here

I’m a tad bit nervous…

…and I have no idea why.

Ok, so I am spending the weekend away and I am really looking forward to it.
I really need to recharge my batteries and Góis is the perfect place for me to do so. Trees! Trees all around, and a river Ceira. I love it!
Besides, it’s going to be cold and that means we’ll have to use the fireplace!
Photographs will be finding the way to this blog, I promise!

Góis, Coimbra, Portugal
Góis (partial view), Coimbra, Portugal. Photograph taken by yours truly.

But I can’t shake the feeling that something is going to happen (not particularly in a negative way – quite the contrary, if I am reading my nervousness correctly).

I’m already packed, portable altar included. Oh! Almost forgot! I acquired a little box-shaped censer – absolutely adorable!
I’ll make sure to take a photograph to show it to you soon. It’s a promise! 😉

I’m pretty sure I will find out soon enough what is it that is making me anxious (kind of in a good way, as I am looking forward to find out). If I can, I will share. I do feel it is connected to my path, though.


Let me tell you what is new on my little corner of the world wide web and on my path…

So, work as been getting in the way of sharing my path with you.
Sometimes I drop work and feel so tired that I just want to go to bed and forget about the world.

Yesterday, I read a post by John Beckett, on Patheos that was both inspiring and a wake up call. It contained a message about something I have been chewing on for a while, and working internally, and it made so much sense to me!

John Beckett’s blog entry, 6 Benefits of Perseverance, addressed this issue in a crystal clear manner.
And he is completely right: If we give up on what we want before getting there, we will never get where we want to be.

I do my best to, at least, meditate on a daily basis. But I do need to better organise myself and how I spend my off-work time.

I do want to keep going through my path, I want to develop further my abilities, develop a deeper contact with the Gods and Goddesses (for which I need to learn further about).

I want to be more involved in the Pagan community, even if it only by sharing my thoughts with you for the time being.

I want to be more involved in protecting the Earth. The good part is that I am handling the Social and Environmental Responsability area of the company I work for, so I am trying to create a environmental conscience there. 😉

So I will do my best to post a new entry at least 1 to 2 times a week, even if only to say “Hello my friends! I am still here, thinking about you!”

I do want to share a few news with you.
In Portugal, it is now Autumn, and from now until February 2016, will be the best time to plant trees. Thus, I decided to give it a try, and try to develop my green thumb (which I wish to improve), and I am now trying to grow a pear tree and an apple tree. ^_^

I will see about changing them to someplace else once they grow. Perhaps, I will contact OBOD so as to start a new sacred grove, once the time comes.

Pear tree to be
Pear tree to be
Apple tree to be
Apple tree to be
My current Altar
My current Altar

I also changed my Altar.
The previous one (from Samhuinn) had an apple on the back. As I used the apple for my apple tree to be, I added chestnuts to my Altar.

I still feel that something is missing, that it’s lacking something. Black feathers keep showing up on my mind’s eye. But Ravens and The Morrígan have been on my mind quite often for over a month, now.

This also makes me feel that I must learn further in regards to The Morrígan, to understand this closeness I feel.

Though I have been a Pagan for so long, I still feel like a rookie about this. It is the first time I feel drawn to the Gods/Goddesses, so this is a brand new territory for me.

Before, I worshiped Nature in general, the Moon and the Sun, the Earth, trees, shrubs and flowers, animals, rivers and the sea… You name it.

But I will keep you posted – I will let you know how it goes. 😉

In the peace of the woods.


Mabon Blessings! Happy Autumnal Equinox!

And so, today, with the turning of the wheel of the year, another season begins, another cycle commences.

I love all the seasons, each season has its special thing about it.

I love Autumn for its colours, its scents, and what I associate it with.

Soon the first rains will fall from the sky (and the emanating petrichor), as will the orange, red, brown and gold tree leaves falling to the ground.

And I cannot think of nothing better than getting home, changing to comfy clothes, preparing some hot tea, grabbing a book or a good movie, a blanket, and going for a lovely “couching” session, while listening to the rain outside. Soooo relaxing!

As you know, the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn is associated with harvesting, of ripping what you’ve sown. Something usually done as a community (or, at least, with the help of family and friends) – at least in Góis (Portugal) it is a bit like that.

How can you celebrate such an event?
Think of growth, maturity, change, and how magical that is. Think of apples, pears, corn, grapes, and so on.
You may want to celebrate (by yourself or even over dinner, even if you’re the only one in the know) by adding cornbread, apple pie, pear cake, wine or grape juice… You get the point.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun while doing it. Otherwise, you won’t be celebrating at all.

Image taken from here.