I got a November sub box!

Apologies for only posting now, but I took a few vacation days for my family.

November is a hard month for us all, as my two grandmothers would have celebrated their birthdays, and it was the anniversary of the death of one of them. So, these days I make sure to spend with my parents, not only for support (it’s a two-way thing), but also to remember those that are no longer with us. Like a second Samhain, if you will.

However, every month I also celebrate the lovely The Village Witch’ Sub Boxes, and November’s certainly did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, I am sure I require adult supervision for this one, as I am too tempted to take a swig from this month’s aura spray just to make sure it tastes at what it smells. Let me put it this way: my room smells of s’mores and cookies and everything is looking lush — I am considering taking a bite out of the furniture. 😋

So… What does November sub box contain? Let me show you!!!😁

IMG 20191201 155024 1024x768 - I got a November sub box!
November Sub Box
  • Handmade & blessed Fiery Wall of Protection salt (to cleanse and protect)
  • Handmade & blessed Be “S’More” Yourself aura spray (to use when you’re feeling down, but not to be drunk)
  • Handmade & blessed Hot Foot powder (to use to remove people from your life/work/social circles)
  • Handmade & blessed Hearth Blessings ink (to bless the home and the hearth)
  • Handmade & blessed Fiery Wall of Protection oil (to use to protect yourself)
  • Handmade & blessed Smoke It Out incense (a bonfire inspired cleansing incense)
  • Handmade & blessed Fire of Courage floor wash (to use to help you gain courage)
  • Handmade & blessed Fire of Courage spellvelope (to burn to help you gain courage)
  • Handmade & blessed Fire of Love pop-a-spell bubbles (to use to increase love)
  • Red candle (the colour of life)
  • TVW’s badge of the month
  • Treat bag (which is a freebie, and will help me survive during the week)

You might like to know that TVW shop is doing a 21 days until Yule countdown and celebrating it with offers on their Facebook page.

Screenshot 20191201 182008 1024x1016 - I got a November sub box!
Don’t miss the Yule countdown!!!

Thank you, The Village Witch, for another awesome Sub Box!

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