TVW’s June and July Sub Boxes

Don’t think I am skipping telling you about The Village Witch Hocus Pocus Hampers, aka the lovely sub boxes.

While I was going through the magic drought and the 100000 things going in my life, I received 2 more sub boxes: June and July’s.

IMG 20190624 223111 768x1024 - TVW's June and July Sub Boxes
June Sub Box

June Sub Box’s theme was “Solstice Fire” and it contained

  • Handmade & blessed Summer Solstice Cleansing Salt
  • Handmade & blessed Ignite Aura Spray
  • Handmade & blessed Precipitado Rojo Ink
  • Handmade & blessed Breath of Fire Oil
  • Handmade & blessed Summer Solstice Floor Wash
  • Lapis lazuli crystal point necklace
  • “Make it yourself” essential oil fragranced incense cones kit
  • Sunflower candle
  • TVW badge of the month
  • Treat bag
IMG 20190721 183940 1024x768 - TVW's June and July Sub Boxes
July Sub Box

July Sub Box’s theme was “Uncrossing & Spellbreaking” and it contained

  • Handmade & blessed Uncrossing Cleansing Salt
  • Handmade & blessed Bye Bye Bad Shit Aura Spray
  • Handmade & blessed Spellbreaker Powder
  • Handmade & blessed Uncrossing Oil
  • Handmade & blessed Spellbreaker Incense
  • Handmade & blessed Jinx Removing Floor Wash
  • Sage Smudge Stick
  • “Make it yourself” Family Witch Bottle kit
  • White candle
  • TVW badge of the month
  • Treat bag

I can tell you I am a sucker for the treats. Always yummy! And those teas…!!! I could drink them all day long.

As for the products, I cannot stress enough: they smell wonderfully, but they are not to be ingested!!! Also, they work wonders.

If you are considering subscribing to a monthly witch kit, go with that of The Village Witch. I am a Traditional Witch, but if you’re from another Witchcraft path (for example, Wicca), you can certainly use the products as well (think banishing negative energies, think removing negative spellwork, think self-love, energy boosting, money & career spells).

Just to poke at your curiosity, August Sub Box’s theme will be Crossing. Because sometimes a Witch got to do what a Witch got to do.

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