Missed me?

I would like to start by apologising. Lately, it has been utterly insane. From work during the week and German classes (and the freaking tests) during the weekends, to a lot of crap that happened on a personal level along with health problems, my witchy levels have been quite low for the past 2 months.

Still, I am back and on German class vacations, which is also good as I can have something resembling a social life during my weekends, and going back to updating my blogs.

Today, I did a thing: a collective protection spell and a banishment spell for all negative energies, hexes and any other crap being flung against the names in the collective protection spell.

PSX 20190721 202936 1024x768 - Missed me?
Protection spell

I decided to be nice, this time. I am not sending any of it back (although whoever is doing it certainly deserves it). However, I won’t be so nice next time.

If you missed me, just know that I am back and I missed you too and I will post again soon.

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