9zZPjN9t 1024x683 - Witch

I am a witch, a conjurer, a healer
I am not evil, I can be kind
I work with energy,
Perhaps you think I’m all love and light
Don’t be mistaken, that’s a partial spark
Dare to hurt mine and I’ll go dark

I will go dark, be your worst nightmare
Don’t run, don’t hide,
Don’t even try.
Heed my warning, there’s no escape.
I am a witch,
Hurt mine, you won’t be spared.
Hurt mine and I’ll drown you in despair.

One thought on “Witch”

  1. Lovania says:

    Tão lindo! Grata pela partilha! Mil bênçãos sob a Sombra do Grande Carvalho! /|\

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