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I want to play a game.

Just kidding. This is not a Saw movie. I love horror movies, but not the gore type. For me, a good horror movie involves the supernatural (mostly ghosts).

However, I am creating a new section, if you will.

Imagine you’re curious about Witchcraft or you’re a Witch but Wicca is not your thing and just to think of waiting for a specific moon phase or casting a circle to do a spell puts you off and you’d like to explore Traditional Witchcraft.

Or you would like to have the support of someone on the same path and would like to have someone to ask questions, or advise, or brainstorm whenever you bump into a wall spell wise.

Why am I making this offer? We’ve all been there.
I still remember when I started on this path over 20 years ago and all I got was information on Wicca and most of it unreliable.

Do feel free to contact me. How? Through email, for example. You can contact me by emailing me to

As your questions may be other people’s questions, I will be posting the replies to those questions once a week on this blog.
Thus, I would like you to inform me in your email if you give me permission to use your name (first name or alias) or if you prefer to be known as Anonymous.

By the way, I don’t reply to trolling or sealioning. I am not the jackass whisperer and nothing good ever comes from baiting.
Also, keep in mind you’re dealing with a Witch that is far from being all love and light, doesn’t believe in the Wiccan Rede nor the Rule of Threefold, and enjoys giving a hand to Karma. Therefore, threats of any kind will be dealt with accordingly.

Ask a Witch
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