Being a Witch

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Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Witches are evil stepmothers such as Snow White’s. Or perhaps the victims of the “Holy” Inquisition. Or even Wicca followers.

I am neither, though.

For starters, I am real.

I am also still alive (which is kind of nice — I even get to write on my blog).

Other than that, I am a Traditional Witch. I don’t worship the Goddess and the God and I don’t abide by the Wiccan Rede.

I don’t wait for specific Moon phases to do spell work (although I love the Moon).

I don’t use athames nor other similar tools, and I don’t cast circles. I do have a Grimoire — does that count? 😉

I am far from being all love and light and I definitely don’t do ‘blessed be’s.

As I see it, everything you do affects others. For each action there is a reaction, a result that, no matter how much love and light is involved, will always affect someone.

Think protection. When you protect someone you care from someone working to hurt them, even if you are a Wiccan you are probably aware it will affect negatively the person wanting to hurt the person you care about.

If someone hurts someone I care about or incites another to hurt that person, be it physically, emotionally or financially, you can bet I will protect the person I care about. If that means I will have to bind, banish or hex the person wanting to hurt the ones I care about, so be it. I am more than prepared to handle consequences and I won’t even bat an eye.

Currently I have been far more active witchcraft wise for several reasons:

  • People I care about need my help (be it help with protection, financial boost, professional boost, motivation/focus boost, self-esteem/confidence boost, healing or whichever other reason)
  • I want to learn more (there’s always something more to learn) and improve my skills as a Witch
  • People want to learn and I believe in sharing knowledge.
Improve business/more paying clients
Improve business/more paying clients

If you are expecting all love and light from me, you will not find it.

But I don’t make love spells (unless it’s a self-love/self-esteem spell) and I don’t take hexing lightly. In fact, something very wrong must have occurred for me to take that step.

For example, recently I had a very close friend of mine and her mum being robbed at gun point. The thieving bastard was presented with a hex. He robbed my friend at 9am and was caught at 02:30pm, in Brazil, during Carnival (the whole country stops, according to her). The thieve also got the beating of his life when he was caught. He was not a happy thieve, but I was also not happy with what he did to my friend, so that makes us… somewhat even.

img 20190303 150301 - Being a Witch
“Catch the thieve painfully” spell

I choose balance between light and dark. If I have to give karma a little help, so be it.

This is me. Take me as I am or not at all. Just don’t mess with the Witch or the people the Witch cares about.

See you in my next post, where I will be doing a review of the Hocus Pocus Hamper sub box of March by The Village Witch.

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