The Village Witch

I found the best witchy shop ever!

The Village Witch works online and caters to several paths: Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Hoodoo, Voodoo…

The people running the store are amazing! They genuinely care, they are generous and wonderful lovely people.

I’ve already purchased a few items from them (jewelry, oils, herbs, roots…).

Vial necklaces
Vial necklaces, one for protection and the other for development
First big order
My first big order from TVW

They sell top quality products and offer top quality services.

I recently subscribed to their Hocus Pocus Hamper (aka sub boxes). These are usually themed.

In the Hocus Pocus sub boxes you will always find materials for spells (that will last way beyond the suggested spell that comes with the box – which you will create with some TVW pinpoints – your own creation, which will increase its power). Think oils, herbs and roots, powders, inks, aura sprays, floor washes, as well as exclusive products that you won’t find in the store as they are created specifically for the sub boxes. Oh! And yummy goodies, as they always add a bit of their love and care in the form of teas, hot chocolate, and other yummy products.

Once I receive my first sub box, I will be making a review. 😉

And, should you prefer, they also will create individual tailored boxes for you. All you have to do is contact them.

This way to the store

Clicky for the sub boxes

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