The wheel has turned and Spring has come
Joy hovers in the air.
There’s life! There’s party!
Cheers to revelry!
Lets celebrate as a community!

Spring is here,
Now the days are growing bigger.
The Sun, Star King, is warming up.
At night there’s bonfires,
Tables filled with food,
It’s time to eat, drink and feast.

The Bard blesses us with poetry
And enchanting timeless songs.
Around the bonfire we dance,
Together, with drinks, we toast
To celebrate Beltane.

While the Bard plays their songs,
My soul dances to the sound of their enchantment,
My feet move to the sound of their harp,
That is when  rediscover myself:
I am the Bard, I am poetry
I am Awen, perfect melody
I am the source, transformation and rebirth.


Beltane. Image Source

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