Your life is part of our history,
Your path led up to mine.
Your steps and thoughts have guided me.
Ancestor, we are entwined.
May I drink of your wisdom always.
May I find within myself
The courage with which you lived your life.
May I discover within the strength
You used to, your obstacles, overcome.
May my life never lessen yours,
May my thoughts always stem from thyne
And, together, reach further than before.
Ancestor, your life originated mine.
I come from you and, one day, you I’ll join.
I will honour you throughout my life,
And your life I’ll celebrate until the day I die.


My altar for my Ancestors
My altar for my Ancestors

4 thoughts on “Ancestor”

  1. Mel Boëchat says:

    Isto é maravilhoso! Tocou-me a alma de muitas maneiras. Obrigada por escrever, por compartilhar, por sentir! ❤ Meus ancestrais serão honrados, a partir de hoje, com esta oração-poema. Lindo!

    1. Into the Sacred Forest says:

      Mel, tens acesso à versão portuguesa do poema na Google Drive. 😘

    1. Into the Sacred Forest says:

      Thank you, Penny. 😊

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