Furry Family

Last night one of my cats crossed to the Otherworld and I am a mess. I take comfort in the fact he is no longer in pain. But still… He died by himself in his box and I was not there with him until the end, as I would have liked to.

My Syl

I was just reading John Beckett’s most recent blog article and I realised I have lots to learn about the Otherworld. In his most recent visit to Ireland, John and his party came across a Fairy dog that seemed to be guarding the place they were visiting.

Here’s the thing: I am a weird person. I might go the distance to avoid addressing most people. But cats and dogs… I can’t help it! I am drawn to them. You can find me lowering myself to their level, soothingly talking to them, showing them I mean them no harm, and hoping they will come to be an allow me to be friends with them.
Should I have enough money, I would adopt all abandoned animals and give them the love they deserve. That is me.

So, basically, I wouldn’t even notice that the dog John Beckett and his friends met was a Fairy dog. I would only see a beautiful dog I would love to be friends with and that I would adopt given the chance.

Yes, Fair Folk, I am an idiot. But I am an idiot that would protect any animal from getting hurt, even if it meant to risk my own life.

As for my Syl-ly cat, I will always cherish the time I spent with him. And I invited him to visit us whenever possible, and to bring our dog (his adoptive mother), Truska, our other cat, Traquinas, and my long gone dog, PomPom. I love them all. They are part of my Ancestors, family. Because that is what animals are to me: Family.

Syl, Truska and Traquinas
Syl, Truska and Traquinas. PomPom’s photo is not available, unfortunately.

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