I was not planning on writing more than one post, today. But I feel that I should write this down while I still remember most of the details, feelings and sensations.

It is not secret I have been working on ADF’s Dedicant Path for a while. But yesterday was a… different…special day.

While I was working on it, taking notes, I suddenly was not at home, writing on my notebook. Well, physically I was sitting at the dinner table, reading the Dedicant Path’s Manual, taking notes and in deep thought in regards to what I was reading.

But in my mind’s eye I was not longer at home.

I was suddenly in a dimly lit cavern with warm water and I was not alone. There was a woman there, powerful and with a gentle voice, bathing. I remember a handful of water trickling down her left arm. I was certainly startled, but not afraid.

When I think about Her, Danu comes to mind. Of course, I was reading about the Tuatha De Danaan and the primal water.

Time to investigating further about Danu.

img 20180227 2241031070687076 - Visions

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  1. Mel Gonçalves says:

    Very cool! I am glad you finally did it! 😉 Vou acompanhar seus textos, querida! Blessed be! /|\

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