The three worlds

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know by now that I am on the Druid path, an animist and polytheist following the Celtic Pantheon, and that I am working on both the Bardic Grade (OBOD) and the Dedicant Path (ADF).

According to both Druidic organisations, the Celtic cosmology defends the existence of 3 worlds, Sea, Land and Sky, where the Sea is the equivalent to the Underworld (the Cauldron of Rebirth, the path to the Blessed Isles), the Land is the equivalent to the Midrealm (the Green Earth, the Cauldron of Bounty, the Dwelling of Many Kins), and the Sky is the equivalent to the Heavens (the Cauldron of Wisdom, the Unchanging Order, and the Place of the Shining Ones).

And this is where I must make a confession: the Three Worlds make absolutely no sense to me.

I believe in two planes: (1) the one we normally experience (the only one the sceptics and atheists believe in), with three realms (or dominions, if you will) – sky, land and sea; and (2) the Otherworld, inhabited by the three Kindred – the Dead, the Nature Spirits/Fair Folk, and the Gods and Goddesses.

I believe these two planes are here and that sometimes the veil lifts, like a mist, a fog that dissipates at certain times and/or places (in-between times such as Samhain, Beltane, and those times that are not day or night such as the break of dawn and the twilight, or in-between spaces such as crossroads and the edge between places – for example, the shoreline or the edge of a forest). John Beckett explains this a lot better than I do in some of his blog (Under the Ancient Oaks) posts.

I am also finding a hard time with the expression “Shining Ones”, perhaps because I first heard about it in the tv series The Ghost Whisperer. But, first, I need to delve further into that and see it that starts making sense before writing about it.

Sea, Land and Sky. Cabo da Roca, Portugal. Photo taken by the blog's author.
Sea, Land and Sky. Cabo da Roca, Portugal. Photo taken by the blog’s author.

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