I finally did it!

I finally did it! I went ahead with the initiation into the grove of the Bards (OBOD ritual).

I had been postponing it since 2015 – too many years of Catholic ceremonies and rituals. I am slowly getting over that… trauma, for the lack of a better word.

It was not how I envisioned it would be back in 2015. I had pondered of performing it outdoors, in an actual grove, with other Druids.
Instead, I performed it at home, by myself but, in my mind’s vision, I was in a grove with other Druids. I used a tea light candle, a selenite, an amethyst, petrified wood and cinnamon.

The tea light candle, selenite, petrified wood, amethyst and cinnamon I used for the initiation ritual.

I am a sensitive person. For many people, what I am about to share would sound crazy (and, no, I do not suffer of schizophrenia nor anything like that). Sometimes I can sense those that have moved on to the Otherworld, Ancestors or not.

I was not alone, last night.
At some point, I actually felt as if someone was placing their hand, gently, on my back.

I have never felt so peaceful as I’ve been feeling since yesterday, in spite of life’s current challenges. And I am also more sensitive to the energy flowing around me, even when shielding.
This afternoon, at some point, I felt as if I was floating about two steps above my physical body, and very energised. Not a bad feeling, just different.

Of course, the full moon also contributed to this. The moon affects me, especially during the full moon.

Still, I am glad I chose last night to perform my ritual.

The moon, tonight.

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