My Song

Remember I told you, on my Inner Divinity post, that I was going to work on a poem similar to the Song of Amergin?

Well, I finished it today, and I wanted to share my first work as a Bard (I am already doing the OBOD Bardic course) with you.

Here goes nothing…


My Song

I am a daughter of the Forest.
I am a child of the Sea.
I am playful caress of the Wind.
I am an Oak of a thousand years.
I am warmth of the Sun.
I am one of Moon’s mysteries.
I am prophetic Owl in the night.
I am fierce Raven’s cunning insight.
I am weaving Spider.
I am wise Stag.
I am protective wild Boar.
I am Wolf for clan.
I am River running free.
I am Music and Poetry.
Who knows the secrets of the human soul?
Who reads the truth in cards and people?
Who protects worthy causes?
Who befriends animals and plants?
Who endeavours to bring enlightenment to others?
Who is a wave in the Sea?
I am, in the Forest, a tree.


Illustration from The Dream of Aengus, by Ted Nasmith
Illustration from The Dream of Aengus, by Ted Nasmith. Image taken from here.

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