Back home

I returned home last night, and I am already longing to return, even with being so much cold in Góis than in Lisbon (let there be a fireplace!).

I got home and, right after I dropped my stuff out of the way, I went to pamper my beloved Deities by rearranging the Altar center piece.

I missed lighting their candles, even if I honoured them during the weekend. It is somewhat different when you change your habits, even when meditating away from the usual place makes you feel very close to them just the same.

I also have a few more photos for you. I hope you enjoy them. ^_^

Olive tree trunk
Green path
I see fire, like the other gentleman. 😉
I love those stones by the olive tree!
My cauldrons! <3
Currently, this is the Altar center piece

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