I’m a tad bit nervous…

…and I have no idea why.

Ok, so I am spending the weekend away and I am really looking forward to it.
I really need to recharge my batteries and Góis is the perfect place for me to do so. Trees! Trees all around, and a river Ceira. I love it!
Besides, it’s going to be cold and that means we’ll have to use the fireplace!
Photographs will be finding the way to this blog, I promise!

Góis, Coimbra, Portugal
Góis (partial view), Coimbra, Portugal. Photograph taken by yours truly.

But I can’t shake the feeling that something is going to happen (not particularly in a negative way – quite the contrary, if I am reading my nervousness correctly).

I’m already packed, portable altar included. Oh! Almost forgot! I acquired a little box-shaped censer – absolutely adorable!
I’ll make sure to take a photograph to show it to you soon. It’s a promise! 😉

I’m pretty sure I will find out soon enough what is it that is making me anxious (kind of in a good way, as I am looking forward to find out). If I can, I will share. I do feel it is connected to my path, though.

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