Portable Altar

So… If you read my previous blog entry, you probably remember the fact that I’ve been working on a portable altar.

By now, I have most of what I am taking with me. The rest I will retrieve from Nature once I reach my weekend destiny.

I did not find the incense I wanted (sandal in cone version), but I found a spray that I am giving a try.

My portable Altar (first version)

My tarot deck doesn’t fit in the box, but I am still taking it with me. 😉

Keep in mind this is the first version of my portable altar. It will certainly change over time, which means more pics to come. 😉

I am pretty sure I will have to acquire a new (bigger) box at some point (or end up making one myself) in order for it to contain my books of shadows, as well as my druid book.

I will make sure to keep you in the loop.

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