To a teacher

Hello everyone.

Today I am writing something different.

You know how we go to school, university and so on, and then there are always those teachers that actually speak to us, that teach us both the school programme as well as how to be a kind, soft human being.
Those are the ones that we will remember forever.

Today I am celebrating the life of one of those magical people.

She taught me how to actually understand Philosophy, to enjoy it, introduced me to outstanding Philosophers and Great Thinkers.
And this kind, shy woman made us laugh while learning.

Yes, can you imagine that?! Philosophy and laughter in one sentence?!

She was an awesome lady, very kind and funny, and while she appeared so confident in class, she was actually so very shy when speaking at a conference.

I loved her classes and I will never forget this amazing lady.

Even though her voice will no longer resonate in a classroom, her candle will forever burn brightly in her students’ minds. At least, in mine.

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