My Deities

Hey everyone!
As promised, here I am. 😉

When I started my path over ten years ago (yes, I’m old…er! There, I’ve said it! 😛 ), I didn’t think much about Deities.

I was all about immersing myself in Nature, the closeness I have always felt with forests, animals, rivers, going for long walks and pretty much forget about life in the city.
Lets face it, spending all my childhood vacations in Góis (Coimbra, Portugal) or visiting Sintra (Portugal) is the closest I get to forests.

But don’t get me wrong: I still have this vision of an older self in a small cottage on the edge of the woods, baking bread and helping villagers almost on a daily basis. I want that to happen so badly it aches, like returning home after a long time. And I am still to find out if that is part of my future or me recalling a past life. I guess I will figure it out, eventually.

So, when I started feeling quite drawn to The Morrígan over a month ago, that actually was a surprise to me. Since then, She has always been in the back of my head, images of ravens and crows keep springing to mind, which made me start reading about Her.
The Morrígan showed up in my life in a time where Her guideship makes every bit of sense. I am claiming back sovereignty over my own life, fighting for myself for once, and doing my best to be confident while treading my path, as a rightful Queen would, during troubled, trying times.

Actually, it would be more accurate if I said it all started when I started researching the Celtiberian Pantheon. I figured that I felt so drawn to Celts, and since Portugal’s pre-Roman population was composed, for the most part, of Celtiberians, why not delve into my country’s own History?

I found out that The Morrígan was known around these parts as Morrigú, and that’s when it all started. Dreaming of ravens and crows, feeling more and more drawn to The Morrígan, always with Her in the back of my mind.
I created a space in my Altar for Her, where She is represented by a black candle.

Still I felt something was missing.
I also began to feel a closeness to Cernunnos. How could I not? Forests, animals, death and rebirth. Cernunnos, as well, is now represented in my Altar, through… Surprise, surprise! A green candle. 😉

Still, healing was not exactly represented. Come to think of it, were I not drawn to healing, I had not become a Psychologist, now, would I?
And so, Andevellicos showed up in my mind, associated with a yellow candle.
Andevellicos, the supreme solar healing God, the most important Lusitanian God of days gone by. So important that His cult prevailed until the 5th century, just when Christianity was spreading in the region. So important that even the Romans adopted Him, spreading His cult to other regions of the Roman Empire.

My chosen Goddess/Gods (I like to think they chose me as well), from my research on Their myths, inspire me to be a better person, and that makes my soul sing.

Below, you can see non-edited photographs of my Altar (today), and close-ups of the candles’ flames (yes, that is the first time I see candles’ flames doing that; no, it never happened before, to me at least).

My Altar, today
My Altar, today
The Morrígan's Candle
The Morrígan’s Candle
Andevellicos' Candle
Andevellicos’ Candle
Cernunnos' Candle
Cernunnos’ Candle

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