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Besides the ever crazy work schedules, where my part-time resembles more like a full-time with extra hours, I do have news when it comes to my beloved Pagan path.

A few years back I bumped into OBOD – The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and their Portuguese branch.
I finally built up the courage to ask for more information, and I have been reading the lovely material they sent me.
I am in love, and I am considering applying for their course. I think it will be worth every cent.

The only part that freaks me out a bit is the “why do I want to do this” letter. I don’t know if I will be able to put into words the feeling I get when I am reading the material I was sent, and how much sense it makes for me, and how it’s like to arrive home after a long time away.
Does that even make sense to you?

Also, today is Samhuinn. Aside from partying, and trick or treating (we don’t have it here, per se; we do have a similar tradition where the poor kids would go door to door, on November 1st, asking for “pão por deus”/bread for god – I wonder where they got that one… *winks*)…

…make sure to honour your Ancestors, the ones that came before you, your loved one and passed away.

I will be with my family and friends, both offline (it’s my Dad’s birthday, so we’ll have a family gathering at my place) and online (a witchy online group I belong to will he hosting an online celebration, and I’ll go there if only to say “Hey, Witches! I love you!”).

I will also be lighting a candle on the windowsill of my library/music room/magic room to guide the spirits along with the ones on my Altar.

I will also plant apples in vases – lets face it, around here (outskirts of Lisbon) you won’t find many crossroads with unpaved roads and that don’t have limestone paved sidewalks.

Wishing you a blessed Samhuinn.

My Altar
My Altar

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