The colours of Magic

Lately, I keep hearing about White Witchcraft, Black Magic, Grey Witches, the Wiccan Rede and how you should harm none.

Image taken from here.
Image taken from here.

The truth is Magic has no colour. You can, however, label the practitioner’s magic, if you will, according to the practitioner’s intent.

But are these things really that linear? Are things really black or white with some shades of grey?

Lets face it, I am a firm believer in doing no harm, but I will take no shit either.
I do believe in karma, but I also believe in protecting myself and my loved ones. And I am fierce when it comes to protecting myself and mine. Lets say I also believe Karma has a lot on its plate and I will give it a hand if I have to.

I am also a firm believer in balance. We’re not all good or all evil, even if we do not act upon it.
I believe in accepting myself for who I am, my light side and the darkness within. I accept myself for the person I am, virtues and flaws, and not just the side I show to the world.

I assure you: I am far from being perfect. I am human, and I make mistakes.
I do screw up in the “go big or go home” kind of way, sometimes.
I analyse my actions, I learn from the consequences, I forgive myself and I move on.

I am ever learning on this path of mine, ever evolving. And that shows on my chosen path as well.

Image taken from here.
Image taken from here.

If that makes me a Grey Witch according to some people, so mote it be.

But I still believe life to be a lot more colourful than just white, grey and black. Even if I prefer to dress in black.
And so is Witchcraft, at least, as I see it. After all, Magic is Nature.

Be light and darkness.

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