Another step…

Pagan Blessings!

I recently came across a Pagan Association that has a branch in my country: Pagan Federation International – Portugal (site content in Portuguese).

This little solitary Witch took another step in her path: I applied to become a member.

I received the forms on October 7th, filled them out on that very day, and sent them back to PFI – Portugal on October 8th.

I am really looking forward to this. Mainly because I will finally have access to more information concerning Portugal-based Paganism.

You have plenty of information in regards to Wicca in all its forms, not so much about Druidism. And Portugal-based Paganism, the Gods and Goddesses worshiped around here? Well, good luck with that!

This way I will become acquainted with the Pagan Portuguese roots, with like-minded people, and evolve on my Pagan path.

I am happy. ^_^

Logo taken from here.
Logo taken from here.

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