When the outside world seems overwhelming…

…how do I cope, stay grounded and on my path?

I confess, sometimes it feels a task hard to accomplish, especially after a long day, filled with stuff bad enough to get me worked up for the rest of the day.

But I try to meditate on a daily basis… Night, actually, as I do it when I go to bed and before falling asleep.
In fact, one thing tends to lead to another, with me, as meditation helps me to relax enough to fall asleep.

And I try to keep a positive attitude and mindset. It’s like ripples in the water: if you start your day in a bad mood, it will only get worse. And the opposite is equally applicable.

Also, it is all in the little things: a candle or an incense stick just begging for you to light it up, home decor that won’t let you forget that daily hardships are not the only thing in life, and that there is something else waiting for you, in and outside of you, to bring your mind home, to your happy place, to your inner Goddess (and God – after all, we are dualities: there is light and dark within us, comprised within ourselves  we’ll find the stormy sea and the peaceful forest).

It is possible to keep our path even when the world seems to crush us. Be mindful in whatever you do, listen to your inner voice and trust yourself, inhale and exhale deeply as it’ll help you to calm down, and look at the beauty around you – the world is a beautiful place, and we do not notice it enough.

Try to meditate and rest often, have fun and be kind to yourself, through thoughts and actions. And keep in mind that life is a cycle, and tomorrow a brand new day.

Liboreiro’s Fountain Spring (detail). Góis, Portugal. Photograph taken by yours truly.

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