Path to self-discovery…

This is where I’ll be sharing my path to self-discovery, how I find balance between my professional life, my social life (family and friends and people wanting to drag me out of my little bubble, as my sister would put it), and my pagan path while still being a city girl (that spent all her vacations in the country).

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, now!
Yes, I am a Pagan. I’ve been treading this path for a while now… years, actually.

I come from a Catholic background, but I didn’t fit in. I read as much as I could about other religions and spiritual paths, and I bumped into Paganism.
And it all made sense then.

Of course, Paganism is a huge universe, with multiple paths. That is what’s so good about this: I’m an eclectic witch – I choose to use what makes sense to me, and discard what does not.

Also, you’ll have to endure my rants (especially, social criticism) from time to time (sorry about that!), but I’ll treat you with music and poems (mine or from other authors), music, movie and book reviews, and so on. Oh! And Photography! I love photography and I am an amateur photographer! There! Not so bad, I hope! ^_^

Also, I am a newbie with Worpress (I am used to other types of blogs: blogger, mostly), so I’m bound to mess up terribly most times, until I get the hang of it.

Feel free to write to me or comment whenever you feel like it!

Be happy! ^_^

Photograph taken in Góis Municipality (Coimbra District, Portugal) by yours truly.
Photograph taken in Góis Municipality (Coimbra District, Portugal), by yours truly.

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