I got a November sub box!

Apologies for only posting now, but I took a few vacation days for my family.

November is a hard month for us all, as my two grandmothers would have celebrated their birthdays, and it was the anniversary of the death of one of them. So, these days I make sure to spend with my parents, not only for support (it’s a two-way thing), but also to remember those that are no longer with us. Like a second Samhain, if you will.

However, every month I also celebrate the lovely The Village Witch’ Sub Boxes, and November’s certainly did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, I am sure I require adult supervision for this one, as I am too tempted to take a swig from this month’s aura spray just to make sure it tastes at what it smells. Let me put it this way: my room smells of s’mores and cookies and everything is looking lush — I am considering taking a bite out of the furniture. 😋

So… What does November sub box contain? Let me show you!!!😁

IMG 20191201 155024 1024x768 - I got a November sub box!
November Sub Box
  • Handmade & blessed Fiery Wall of Protection salt (to cleanse and protect)
  • Handmade & blessed Be “S’More” Yourself aura spray (to use when you’re feeling down, but not to be drunk)
  • Handmade & blessed Hot Foot powder (to use to remove people from your life/work/social circles)
  • Handmade & blessed Hearth Blessings ink (to bless the home and the hearth)
  • Handmade & blessed Fiery Wall of Protection oil (to use to protect yourself)
  • Handmade & blessed Smoke It Out incense (a bonfire inspired cleansing incense)
  • Handmade & blessed Fire of Courage floor wash (to use to help you gain courage)
  • Handmade & blessed Fire of Courage spellvelope (to burn to help you gain courage)
  • Handmade & blessed Fire of Love pop-a-spell bubbles (to use to increase love)
  • Red candle (the colour of life)
  • TVW’s badge of the month
  • Treat bag (which is a freebie, and will help me survive during the week)

You might like to know that TVW shop is doing a 21 days until Yule countdown and celebrating it with offers on their Facebook page.

Screenshot 20191201 182008 1024x1016 - I got a November sub box!
Don’t miss the Yule countdown!!!

Thank you, The Village Witch, for another awesome Sub Box!


TVW’s October Sub Box

It is that time of the month again. A new The Village Witch Sub Box has arrived.

October Sub Box, themed Ancestors, seems to have brought me a whole new level of witchy-ness that I was not counting on.

Allow me to explain. With all the insanity in my life (soul crushing job that feels like a factory, putting my dying/going toxic relationship out of its misery, and me going for a master’s degree), my witchy side went dormant… without asking me for permission… the bitch!

Today I went to visit my maternal grandparents, great-grandparents and oldest maternal uncle at the cemetery and, when I returned, I picked my box of witchy goods. I couldn’t have been happier.

You might be asking yourselves, “What the hell is it inside the new box that made you so happy?!?”

Let me show you.

IMG 20191026 171447 1024x768 - TVW's October Sub Box
TVW’s October Sub Box

The October Sub Box contained…

  • Handmade & blessed Call of the Ancestors salt (for cleansing and making way for all ancestral magical work)
  • Handmade & blessed Walk with the Ancestors aura spray (to bring your Ancestors forward in your life)
  • Handmade & blessed Remember the Ancestors powder (for respect and to work with your Ancestors)
  • Handmade & blessed Invoke the Spirits ink (which you can use to invoke the spirits into magical work)
  • Handmade & blessed Bob’s Ancestral oil (which you can use to give thanks and invoke your Ancestors. Click here to join TVW’s Facebook Group and meet Bob)
  • Handmade & blessed Samhain incense (to celebrate Samhain)
  • Handmade & blessed Samhain floor wash (also to celebrate Samhain)
  • Make it yourself Mini Broom Kit (with instructions on how to create the mini broom)
  • Skull Resin tealight holder (to symbolise your Ancestors and to light as an offering to them) ❤️☠️❤️
  • Orange candle (the colour of Samhain and our Ancestors)
  • TVW badge of the month ❤️☠️❤️
  • Treat bag (freebie) 😋

November is just around the corner and November sub box‘s theme will be Fire & Spark. Don’t miss the chance to subscribe and prepare yourself for Yule with witchy goodies. This way for the magical TVW sub boxes.

Let me know what you think once you do.

Also, don’t forget there’s a Samhain’ special offer still going until the 31st of October 2019 at 11:59pm.

Screenshot 20191012 190225 1024x828 - TVW's October Sub Box


The Village Witch’ September Sub Box

Yes, yes, I know it’s October already. But I am still sharing this one before I receive and share with you all the goodies of that from October.

Why so late?, you ask me. Well, to start with, the posties were late (I live in a different country from The Village Witch and it can be tricky).

Then my 40th birthday happened. (Happy birthday to me! Yey! 🎂🥂)

Then life happened, along with work (which reminds me I have some hexing to do…). And then university also happened. As you can imagine, a shitload of insanity fell on my lap and I am finally making sense of it all.

But now enough about my insane life and onto much better and yummy things such as this delicious sub box!

September’ Sub Box is all about Gratitude & Abundance. Which I am: I am very grateful that The Village Witch created the Hocus Pocus Hampers that we all, lovingly, nicknamed sub boxes. ❤️

What goodies did this sub box bring?

  • Handmade & blessed Make Way For Good salt (for cleansing and making way for positive vibes in our lives)
  • Handmade & blessed Reap Your Rewards aura spray (to bring positive abundance into our lives)
  • Handmade & blessed Harvest Home powder (for being thankful for what we have and harvest the good from our lives and keep it within our hearts)
  • Handmade & blessed Gratitude oil (which we can use to give thanks)
  • Handmade & blessed Keep Your Cupboards Full incense (to boost our abundance)
  • Handmade & blessed Harvest Home floor wash (same purpose as the Harvest Home powder)
  • A Make It Yourself Gratitude Tree Slice Hanger kit (with instructions for it in the kit itself)
  • A gorgeous Crystal Bookmark for our favourite books, the best Thank You gift I ever received from a shop ever!
  • A Yellow candle (its meaning is thankfulness and happiness)
  • TVW’s badge of the month (I love them so much!!!)
  • And a Treat Bag that has come and gone. 😋

Have you subscribed yet to TVW’ Sub Boxes or seen their Samhain Special Offer?

Screenshot 20191012 190225 1024x828 - The Village Witch' September Sub Box
Here’s TVW’ Samhain Special Offer

The Village Witch August Sub Box

This week my TVW August Hocus Pocus Hamper, AKA August Sub Box, arrived and it was one of the highlights of my week. This month’s theme is “Crossing & Go Away” which was definitely what I needed, to be fair.

Whenever I get this monthly surprise box of witchy goodies I go on “kid on Christmas morning” mode, huge grin, hyped and all. As anyone should be. After all, The Village Witch makes a point of sending top quality products for their clients, in amounts that clearly surpass the quantities we pay for.

“And what did August Sub Box bring?’, you might ask. Let me show you!

  • Handmade & blessed Get the Fuck Out Salt, to cleanse and remove negative energies (people and situations included)
  • Handmade & blessed Power Within Aura Spray, to boost our power within to deal with negativity
  • Handmade & blessed Bitch Be Gone Powder, to remove all bitchiness from our lives
  • Handmade & blessed Crossing Oil, to cross someone and send back whatever they send us
  • Handmade & blessed I Can, You Can’t Incense, to boost our own natural, personal power
  • Handmade & blessed Shut Up Floor Wash, which we can use to help stop gossip and lies
  • Handmade & blessed Back Off Ink, to make someone/something/a situation stay away from us (which we can use to decorate the easel of the next item on this list)
  • Mini Chalkboard Daily Spell Kit, with instructions as part of the kit
  • Handmade & blessed Pop-A-Spell Bubbles — I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this item. This “you’ve seen it on TVW first” spell is the cute purple flask in the photo. It brought me back treasured childhood memories and laced them with much needed magic. It also contains instructions on how to use it.
  • Black candle, for cleansing and bringing peace
  • TVW’s uber cute badge of the month. I love these and I am collecting them.
  • The ever delicious treat bag, with tea bags, candy and a snack.

Make sure to not confuse the treats with the witchy products. I know they all smell so yummy, but only the treat bag is edible.

Also, just so you know, September’s theme will be “Gratitude”, because there is always something in our lives we should be thankful for. And you will definitely want your October one. Just saying. 😉

Remember you can subscribe to these wonderful witchy treasure boxes until before the 8th of each month.

Go ahead! I double dare you! Then come and gush about your sub box with me. 🙃


TVW’s June and July Sub Boxes

Don’t think I am skipping telling you about The Village Witch Hocus Pocus Hampers, aka the lovely sub boxes.

While I was going through the magic drought and the 100000 things going in my life, I received 2 more sub boxes: June and July’s.

IMG 20190624 223111 768x1024 - TVW's June and July Sub Boxes
June Sub Box

June Sub Box’s theme was “Solstice Fire” and it contained

  • Handmade & blessed Summer Solstice Cleansing Salt
  • Handmade & blessed Ignite Aura Spray
  • Handmade & blessed Precipitado Rojo Ink
  • Handmade & blessed Breath of Fire Oil
  • Handmade & blessed Summer Solstice Floor Wash
  • Lapis lazuli crystal point necklace
  • “Make it yourself” essential oil fragranced incense cones kit
  • Sunflower candle
  • TVW badge of the month
  • Treat bag
IMG 20190721 183940 1024x768 - TVW's June and July Sub Boxes
July Sub Box

July Sub Box’s theme was “Uncrossing & Spellbreaking” and it contained

  • Handmade & blessed Uncrossing Cleansing Salt
  • Handmade & blessed Bye Bye Bad Shit Aura Spray
  • Handmade & blessed Spellbreaker Powder
  • Handmade & blessed Uncrossing Oil
  • Handmade & blessed Spellbreaker Incense
  • Handmade & blessed Jinx Removing Floor Wash
  • Sage Smudge Stick
  • “Make it yourself” Family Witch Bottle kit
  • White candle
  • TVW badge of the month
  • Treat bag

I can tell you I am a sucker for the treats. Always yummy! And those teas…!!! I could drink them all day long.

As for the products, I cannot stress enough: they smell wonderfully, but they are not to be ingested!!! Also, they work wonders.

If you are considering subscribing to a monthly witch kit, go with that of The Village Witch. I am a Traditional Witch, but if you’re from another Witchcraft path (for example, Wicca), you can certainly use the products as well (think banishing negative energies, think removing negative spellwork, think self-love, energy boosting, money & career spells).

Just to poke at your curiosity, August Sub Box’s theme will be Crossing. Because sometimes a Witch got to do what a Witch got to do.


Missed me?

I would like to start by apologising. Lately, it has been utterly insane. From work during the week and German classes (and the freaking tests) during the weekends, to a lot of crap that happened on a personal level along with health problems, my witchy levels have been quite low for the past 2 months.

Still, I am back and on German class vacations, which is also good as I can have something resembling a social life during my weekends, and going back to updating my blogs.

Today, I did a thing: a collective protection spell and a banishment spell for all negative energies, hexes and any other crap being flung against the names in the collective protection spell.

PSX 20190721 202936 1024x768 - Missed me?
Protection spell

I decided to be nice, this time. I am not sending any of it back (although whoever is doing it certainly deserves it). However, I won’t be so nice next time.

If you missed me, just know that I am back and I missed you too and I will post again soon.



9zZPjN9t 1024x683 - Witch

I am a witch, a conjurer, a healer
I am not evil, I can be kind
I work with energy,
Perhaps you think I’m all love and light
Don’t be mistaken, that’s a partial spark
Dare to hurt mine and I’ll go dark

I will go dark, be your worst nightmare
Don’t run, don’t hide,
Don’t even try.
Heed my warning, there’s no escape.
I am a witch,
Hurt mine, you won’t be spared.
Hurt mine and I’ll drown you in despair.


Feliz dia da Espiga!

Happy the ear of wheat day!

This is a very old, “Christian” (they misspelled pagan, there), Portuguese tradition.

Today, we pick up (or buy) a bouquet of wild flowers containing the following:

Dia da espiga 1 - Feliz dia da Espiga!
Image found online
  • Olive branch for olive oil, light and peace
  • Marigolds for fortune
  • Ears of wheat (even if wild) for bread
  • Rosemary for health and strength
  • Poppies for love and life
  • Vine for wine and joy

You keep it behind your door for a year. For success and prosperity, for health and strength, for luck, for happiness and love…

In 2 Winters, when you already have a new bouquet of wild flowers, you may burn in your fireplace this year’s bouquet, for good luck.

May your bouquets of wild flowers bring you what you need in life.

201805092003583852 1 - Feliz dia da Espiga!
Image found online

May Sub Box

I would like to start by apologising for not being around much, but life has been getting in the way again.

However, I could not not showing you this month’s The Village Witch sub box. The theme pertains to another kind of fertility: prosperity — money & success.

As always, although there is a bag of yummy treats, not everything is edible, so don’t let yourself be fooled by the delicious scents.

IMG 20190517 062251 228 819x1024 - May Sub Box
May sub box

I am still in love and completely addicted to these sub boxes and there is no better way to grow your witchy stash.

Just so you know, a Village Witch told me that next month’ sub box’s theme is Fire. 🔥



Today I am writing you about Divination.

People of all origins always tried to know the past and take a peak at the future. Lets face it: sometimes, the decision making task is too hard. What path should I take, left or right? Which job should I choose? Should I attack that city or not? Should I trust that person or not?
Not everything is as easy as choosing clothes in the morning and, even then, sometimes that’s tricky.
On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to know what to expect from the day ahead.

From omens and oracles, to tarot decks and oracle cards, from radiesthesia (pendulums) to scrying (crystal balls and black mirrors), Ouija boards (only dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing), to runes, witches runes and ogham, tea leaves and coffee grounds, to cowrie-shell divination, astrology and their birth charts and zodiac signs, numerology, palmistry, you name it, we’ve tried it all.

I have been working, for years, with pendulums, tarot decks and oracle cards, and I even created a Major Arcana deck for a very close friend.

Pendulums are used for both healing (with radionic tables) and divination. Regarding divination, they are used for Yes/No questions.
There are several types of pendulums – I have a collection of them. You can find pendulums entirely made of metal (I use a golden one for healing work, with my radionic table, as I felt it’s what works best for me), metal and stone (I have several: amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, unakite, and selenite), and one of cord and wood (best for connecting with the Fair Folk – they are not to be messed with unless you know what you are doing. For further learning about the Good Neighbours, I suggest reading Morgan Daimler’s blogs, Living Liminally and Agora on Patheos, along with her books on the subject).
If you don’t have one, no worries. A piece of cord and a stone or a necklace and a ring and Bob’s your uncle! You’ve got yourself an improvised pendulum.

Tarot Decks and Oracle Cards
Although Tarot decks were created around mid-15th century as a card game, it soon became a divination tool.
Usually, decks are composed of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana ones, although some are composed only of the major arcana.
Tarot cards are more structured (the major and minor arcana) and have more rules than oracle cards.
Oracle cards differ from set to set and are, therefore, read in a more free flowing way (what applies to one oracle card set might not apply to a different oracle card set), if you will, even if you can use the same reading spreads for both tarot and oracle cards. And, yes, there are countless of those.
You can also find tarot and oracle apps (at least on Google Play). Yes, they work very well.

Nonetheless, not everyone requires these tools for divination. Keep in mind that these are mere facilitators for you to focus on. The skill for divination, just as for spell casting, is within you. You just need yourself and your energy/intent.

Divination 1024x575 - Divination
My divination tools